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Whangarei pre-hire tour

Our pre-hire tours are designed for all newcomers to Whangarei - from overseas or within New Zealand - helping to reduce the stress, inconvenience and disruption commonly associated with relocations.

They are designed to introduce life in our city quickly and efficiently, to show what Whangarei offers, how to save money and time when settling here and reduce the stress of arrival in an unfamiliar location.

Very useful during the pre-hire stage for out-of-town applicants to highlight our city's advantages so they can  make an informed decision about living and working in Whangarei before accepting a job offer. For important positions our welcome service can make a difference compared to other job opportunities your candidates may have.

The included personalised welcome packs are well researched and can answer most questions your new employees will have about living here.

We will:

  • discuss needs by telephone or email before arrival
  • design a detailed tour itinerary for the visit
  • advise about other holiday activities
  • meet and greet in Whangarei can be part of the tour
  • provide a Whangarei orientation talk with a question & answer session
  • organise a property tour with an estate or rental agent if needed
  • arrange visits of clubs and organisations or schools according to interests

Pre-hire tours can be half day (in town) or full day (city and wider region) – including personalised Welcome Pack and ongoing email support.

“The day certainly met my expectations and exceeded them. The personal brochure was tailored to my needs and it will serve as a great reference for the process.“ D from the US