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Before leaving


Prepare your initial budget for accommodation, transport, insurance etc. (research prices via internet - we can provide the right links or do it for you)


Arrange short term accommodation for the first week or two


Arrange transport to your accommodation and a rental car for the first week


Open a bank account and transfer some money

Travel insurance

Arrange travel insurance for your trip


Bring a 'no claims' confirmation from your car insurance provider and a credit reference from your banks


Arrange a postal address at your destination (accommodation, friends, etc.)

Order our personalised Welcome Pack - with over 80 pages of information and over 500 links about settlement in Whangarei and New Zealand

Choose our Arrival Service for your first days in Whangarei - we reduce the stress of arrival in an unfamiliar location and organise those points above

Travel checklist

Use a travel checklist to plan your trip and add your points

After arrival

Bank visit

Visit the bank to activate your bank account, EFTPOS cards and internet banking


Arrange communication (SIM card for mobile phone, find ways for internet access, buy local newspapers etc.)


Sort out transport (buy a car, long term car rental, public transport, bike etc.). Register your car, get a Warrant of Fitness and pay insurance

IRD number

Apply for an IRD number before going to work


Inform yourself about emergency services (call 111 for police, fire and ambulance, find out about the hospital, health line, 24hr doctors, pharmacies etc.)

Choose our Orientation Service - view accommodation possibilities, visit potential housing areas, see the best restaurants, shops, facilities and entertainment options and discuss daily life in Whangarei

Health insurance

Arrange private health insurance if needed


Find permanent accommodation (long term rental furnished or unfurnished, buy a house)

Choose our Housing Search Service - we help you to establish a new home quickly and confidently according to your lifestyle preferences, location of schooling, office commute, budget etc.


Arrange telephone landline, internet, water, electricity, council rates


Arrange schooling for children according to zoning, special needs, school reports etc.

Choose our Schooling Service - we’ll help you to identify schools and childcare places that meet your criteria, check availability and organise and accompany you on visits if required.

Driver's licence

Convert your driver's licence


Register with your embassy


Ask around for a good GP and register


Ask around for a good dentist


Decide on the transfer of your existing pension schemes

New Zealand retirement plan

Decide on joining Kiwisaver or other New Zealand retirement plans


Join clubs and societies of your interest to make friends. Invite your neighbours, colleagues and new friends to a house warming party

Choose our Spousal Assistance Service - we’ll support your spouse by identifying matching career, networking, education and leisure opportunities

Ask us for a free quote for any additional support you require